Print Services

We offer quality printing services on a wholesale basis to our authors for trade paperbacks. We believe a partnership with you, where you have some “skin-in-the-game” with us, substantially enhances your revenues and simplifies the printed book delivery process. Even if we don’t agree to waive our costs for your Initial Order, through our E-Earnings Program we are willing to look exclusively to your future royalties from e-books to recoup our advance*.

*We may waive or advance** the cost of your Initial Inventory Order of ten (10) trade paperback books. Our decision on whether or not to waive or advance** the costs is based on the level of your writing, the power of your storyline, your prior publications, your prior sales, likelihood of sufficient sales to cover our costs, and other factors in the marketplace.
**If we advance (rather than waive) the costs for your Initial Inventory Order, start-up costs for formatting, cover design, ISBN, and related expenses, will be itemized and added to the AUTHOR Wholesale Costs. Those costs are not included in the example below, nor will they be included in Reorders.

In traditional publishing for trade paperbacks the usual royalty is 7.5% of the retail sales price. With MidTown Publishing Print Services, you’ll enjoy net royalties ranging from 38% to over 50% of the retail price. We call this the Author’s Variable Royalty on Print Products. At MidTown Publishing we disclose to you our actual costs of printing and shipping. That’s the way a true partnership works. You know our participation, and we know yours.

 An example of reorder costs and potential profits:

• Printed book pages:                                       300-310
• Printed book suggested retail price:    $14.99 x 10 books = $149.90
• Printed book wholesale cost:                   $ 7.97[1] x 10 books = $79.73+ $5.58[2]sales tax=$85.30
• Variable Royalty on Print Products        $ 6.46[3]  x 10 books = $64.60 (43%[4] of Retail Price)

If you publish with a traditional publisher the industry royalties for the sale of the $14.99 trade softcover paperback is 7.5% of retail price, or $1.12 per book, verses 43% of the retail price, or $6.46[5][6] per book when you partner with MidTown Publishing.

Because we are writers, we know what it’s like to sit on your side of the table. Usually, you’re not given many options, and seldom do you know the real costs associated with your printed books. We think you should. With that knowledge, we are confident you can enjoy substantially greater profits from your work. And, most likely, you’ll order more books, sell more books, and be better rewarded for your craft.


You purchase your printed books directly from us at your wholesale price. You offer your books at venues you choose, including your MidTown Author Profile Page, your Amazon Author Page, your website, writer events, book fairs, personal appearances, books placed in independent bookstores, and such other locations as you choose.

As we said before, if you choose to use Fulfillment Services, or your books are ordered through the Ingram Content Group database, you royalties will be diminished.

ISBN and Barcode

ISBN is an acronym for International Standard Book Number. The purpose of the 13-digit ISBN number is to establish and identify one title or edition of a title from one specific publisher. ISBNs are linked to essential information allowing booksellers and readers to know what book they are buying, what the book is about, and the author. Unlike a Bar Code, an ISBN is a number that acts like an ordering number.

Separate ISBNs are required for a paperback book, casebound (hardcover), and e-book. All e-books published by MidTown Publishing include an ISBN for the digital publication.

For print, MidTown Publishing includes an ISBN with a price add-on that utilizes the Bookland EAN barcode. Commonly known as the EAN-5, it displays two barcodes side by side. Here’s an example of a barcode from the back cover of a book recently published by MidTown Publishing:

Midtown ISBN

In the image, above, the left barcode is the EAN derived from the ISBN. The smaller barcode on the right is a 5-digit add-on that displays the retail price of the publication. The “5” in the 5-digit add-on reflects the currency for the purchase of the book is US dollars.

Initial Inventory And Reorders

(a) Initial Inventory Order

If we waive the costs associated with your Initial Inventory Order, you will receive ten (10) trade paperback books as the Initial Inventory Order for your personal use. You will incur no costs associated with the Initial Inventory Order.

If we advance (but do not waive) the costs associated with your Initial Inventory Order, before we go into production, you will receive our estimate for production of your printed book (including start-up costs) for approval, and agree to participate in our E-Earnings Program (“EEP”)* as a means by which to repay our advance from your e-book royalties. You will receive ten (10) trade paperback books as the Initial Inventory Order. Start-up costs are not included in Reorders.

* For more information on our E-Earnings Program, go to our Help Center Page.

The Initial Inventory Order is sent from our printer directly to you (or whomever you designate), to our fulfillment warehouse (if we are providing fulfillment or other services for you), or to a distributor chosen by you.

It usually takes approximately ten working days from the time that the Soft Proofs are approved by you to be printed, packed, and shipped.

(b) Reorders

Reorders are all orders for copies of your printed book placed by you after the Initial Inventory Order. A minimum reorder of ten (10) books is required. Reorders are processed through your “My Projects” portal in your AuthorlogAccount.

For Reorders, we charge the then current wholesale price. You will always be advised of our actual costs including our publisher’s discount of ten (10%) percent of the suggested retail price.

All reorders will take approximately ten to twelve (10-12) business days to be printed, packed, and shipped.


a. Listing of Print Products for Sale in Ingram Content Group Database

For the first year following publication, AUTHOR’S WORK will be listed without charge in the Ingram Content Group database available to 38,000 retailers, libraries, schools and distribution partners worldwide. We have no control over how long it takes the initial listing of your book to appear in the Ingram Content Group database, or how long it takes to process any requested changes in metadata after your book has been listed. Following the first year, and for each renewal year that you wish to be listed in the Ingram Content Group Database, you must pay a renewal fee of $12.00 charged by Ingram that is due and payable at the commencement of the first renewal year, and each renewal year thereafter. We charge no administrative fees to collect this fee and transmit to Ingram.

b. Listing of Author’s Print Product in Bowker’s Books In Print

We list your book in Bowker’s Books In Print upon publication. Bowker has designed and developed databases, products and services relating to book information for the library, publishing, academic and retail markets. Bowker’s Books In Print® databases includes all of their subsets, in all formats and delivery media, including in direct-to-customer electronic data feeds, online, in print and on CD-ROM.

 c. Listing of Author’s Print Product with Library of Congress

We list your book with the Library of Congress, including the acquisition of a Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) for your printed book. The Pre-assigned Control Number (PCN) program assigns LCCN, sometimes referred to as Library of Congress Card Number, to titles that are most likely to be acquired by the Library of Congress.

Once the LCCN is assigned, we print the number on the copyright page of your trade softcover. This facilitates cataloging and other book processing activities for libraries and book sellers who obtain copies of the book.

d. Delivery of Author’s Print Product to Library of Congress

We deliver you book to the Library of Congress following publication.

1. The print cost per book is $5.40 + $1.50 Publisher Discount +$1.07 shipping = $7.97 + sales tax $.55 = $8.53 as of August, 2013. The total cost of your order for ten books would be $85.30.
2. Seven (7%) percent is used as estimated sales tax for costs of goods and shipping.
3. Variable Royalty is derived as follows:  $14.99 retail price – ($8.53) wholesale price= $6.46
4. Variable Royalty/Retail Price as a return on investment. The numbers will vary slightly.
5. Additional distribution through Fulfillment Services is handled on an individual basis. If you elect to utilize Amazon’s Fulfillment Services, AUTHOR’S Variable Royalty on Print Products will be subject to additional Discounts charged by Details of the Amazon Fulfillment Services program are available in Authorlog™.
6. Most Independent bookstores utilize the Ingram Content Group database to order print books. Should your printed book be ordered through Ingram, AUTHOR’S Variable Royalty on Print Products will be subject to additional Discounts charged by Ingram Content Group. Details of the Ingram Content Group database fulfillment program are available in Authorlog™.