eCover Design

Ever notice how bestsellers have exceptional e-covers and stand-out on the virtual bookshelf? First impressions count. Does the prospective purchaser click on your e-cover, or move to the next? MidTown Publishing’s custom e-covers are created to grab the book buyer’s attention—interesting enough to enhance the all-important CTR (Click-Through Rate) for your e-book. Our custom e-Cover Designs do make a difference.

At MidTown Publishing we use only industry professionals with proven track records.

Among the qualities we require for MidTown Publishing’s custom e-covers, they:

  • Stand out on the virtual book shelf
  • Cultivate the attention of a potential buyer
  • Convey the theme of the book
  • Contain proven sales triggers

Do people judge a book by its cover? We are confident they do. Get more CTRs with MidTown Publishing’s custom e-Cover Designs.