Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What criteria does MidTown Publishing use to determine whether or not my manuscript will be accepted for publication?

There are a number of elements.  Our acquisitions editor considers your level of writing, the power of your storyline, your prior publications, your marketing plans, your presence in social media, likelihood of sales, and other factors in the marketplace.  Click on SUBMISSIONS, review the sub-topics, and submit your query letter.

How long does it take for your acquisitions editor to make a decision on whether or not my manuscript is accepted?

We try to give you a decision no later than two weeks following your submission.

Where will my e-book be distributed?

The short answer:  just about anywhere in the e-book universe. With distribution through our online e-bookstores, including Amazon, Apple Books Store, Barnes & Noble, Google Play Books, and Kobobooks, your e-book will reach readers in over two hundred countries. For further information click on each e-bookstore under “e-Book Distribution.”

What do you mean by “Our Promise”?

“Our Promise” Program states that your book will have the same professional appearance as similar products produced by the large traditional publishers. See Terms of Service and Publishing Agreement for more details.

Why should I use MidTown Publishing when I can publish directly with the online e-book stores as a self-published author?

First impressions matter.  Editing is very important and is prerequisite for publication with MidTown Publishing. Professional eye-catching e-cover design makes the difference between those e-books that get “click-throughs” and those that don’t.  You’ve invested an enormous amount of time and energy in writing your book. It makes sense to give it the best presentation possible when it is released to the world. That’s why “Our Promise” is important to you.

What is Authorlog™?

Authorlog™ is our all-inclusive, integrated, real-time tracking portal, and much more.  Click on Authorlog™ for more details.

Is it required that I join Authorlog™ to be published by MidTown Publishing?

Yes.  If your manuscript is accepted for publication, you will need to join to view your proofs, check your royalties and to participate in its many features.

What is AuthorlogChat™?

AuthorlogChat™ is a feature of Authorlog™ that provides platforms for online chat and a message board with numerous forums exclusively for our Authorlog™ members. Click on AuthorlogChat™ for more details.

What is AuthorWebChat™?

AuthorWebChat™ is our video-based online service that features interviews with you when you are published by MidTown Publishing.  A copy of your interview is uploaded to our YouTube Channel and your Author Profile Page. You can download the video to your website, provide links to social media sites, and provide a link in your personal e-mails.

What is the Author Profile Page™?

The Author Profile Page is a webpage created to promote our writers and their work. The Author’s Profile Page may contain the writer’s biographical information and picture, published books, links to your personal website, external links to your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites, links to sites where your books are offered for sale, and such other features as we may add from time to time. Click on AuthorProfilePage for a sample.

What is your book royalty program?

We share net e-book royalties with you on a 50/50 basis.  For printed books we receive 10% of the retail price, you keep 90% of net royalties.  Please see our Publishing Agreement for more details.

Do you convert my manuscript to all of the e-book formats?

Yes. We convert your manuscript to the ePub and Mobi/Kindle Formats.  Click on eBook Conversion for more details.

What makes your custom e-Covers stand out on the virtual bookshelf?

We insist that our designers create custom e-Covers that

  • Cultivate the attention of a potential buyer
  • Convey the theme of the book
  • Contain proven sales triggers

Click on e-Cover Design for more information.

What genres and sub-genres do you publish?

We seek submissions in poetry, fiction, and non-fiction.  Click on Genes/sub-genres for detailed descriptions of sub-genres under each category.

How do I get my manuscript considered for publication with MidTown Publishing?

Go to Submit Your Work. Review Query Letter Guidelines and Genes/Sub-Genres.  Click on the Query Letter Template for your book’s genre, fill it out, attach two chapters of your manuscript, and upload to [email protected].

Do you have guidelines for manuscript submissions?

Yes.  See Manuscript Submission Guidelines for details.

What features do you offer in your blog?

Our blog is an overview of issues that affect writers, with emphasis on publishing industry news and trends.  Click on Our Blog for more information.

Who is John Dufresne and what’s his podcast all about?

John is a published author and distinguished professor in Florida International University’s Creative Writing Program.  His podcasts are about the craft of writing.  Want to be a better writer?  See how to move your writing to the next level.  Visit Our Podcast and learn more.

What are the details of your YouTube Channel?

Our YouTube Channel was created to promote our writers.  We’ll feature your AuthorWebChat™, your Book Trailer, updated information about new manuscripts that MidTown Publishing has accepted from you for future publication, and other features.  For a look at the MidTown Publishing’s YouTube Channel, click on our YouTube channel.

Do you offer print services?

Yes. We’ve created a joint-venture approach with our authors for printed books.  For details, go to Print Services.

What are your privacy policies?

How we deal with your personal information is very important.  We urge you to read our Privacy Policy.

Must I enter into a publishing agreement to have my book published with MidTown Publishing?

Yes.  We believe that your publishing rights, and ours, should be spelled out in some detail.  Please see Publishing Agreement for complete information.

Do you have a summary of your publishing services?

For e-books we:

  • design an elegant and eye-catching custom e-book cover
  • convert your manuscript to Mobi/Kindle and ePub
  • create your custom AuthorProfilePage
  • furnish your ISBN
  • list your book in the MidTown Publishing Bookstore
  • distribute your e-book to our online e-bookstores including:
o the Kindle store at Amazon.com
o the Apple Books Store
o the Nook store at Barnes & Noble.com
o Google Play Books
o Kobo
  • feature your e-book in Amazon’s “Search Inside the Book™” Program
  • feature your e-book in Barnes & Noble’s “Look Inside the Book™” Program
  • collect and pay your author royalties through your Authorlog™ Account
  • supply unique features for your Authorlog™ Account
  • offer optional advanced editing
  • suggest optional marketing programs

For printed books we offer a soft cover trade paperback with these features:

  • all of the e-book services
  • custom print cover design
  • interior and cover soft proofs
  • registration with Bowker’s Books in Print
  • ten trade paperback books without charge
  • wholesale pricing on reorders
  • free shipping for the initial order of ten books
  • advanced editing

For more detailed information visit Publishing Services.

Do you have specific guidelines for my query letter?

Yes.  We believe we have taken the guess work out of query letters through the use of our query letter template that you upload in your Authorlog™ Account. For guidelines governing your submission, click on Query Letter Guidelines.

What social media services do you provide?

We upload your video from our AuthorWebChat™ to our YouTube Channel.  Other services will be rolled out in the future.

What are the details of your Terms of Service.

Please click on Terms of Service for detailed information.

There are many ways to get published.  Why should I choose MidTown Publishing?

“By Writers, For Writers” is our mission statement.  Because we’ve sat on your side of the table, we developed a customized writer-friendly approach to publishing. Read more at By Writers. For Writers and Our Promise.

How do I get started?

Click here to check out our Query Letter Guidelines.