How It Works

How it Works

We have taken the mystery out of the query letter process (you can deal with that in your stories). We tell you exactly what we want in our Query Letter Guidelines, provide a Query Letter Template where you fill in the blanks, and guide you through the publication process.


1. Click on “Submissions.”  Review the “Query Letter Submission Guidelines” and “Genres/Sub-Genres.”  Fill out the Query Letter Template and upload with the first two chapters of your manuscript.

2. If your manuscript is preliminarily accepted by our Acquisitions Editor, upload your manuscript.

3. If your manuscript receives final approval by our Acquisitions Editor, complete the editing process.

4. Following the completion of the editing process, you approve your e-Cover. Then from your Authorlog™ Account, follow your manuscript’s conversion to Mobi/Kindle and ePub.

5. You review and approve the e-book galley proof in your Authorlog™ Account.

6. See your e-Book worldwide in the major e-bookstores.

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