By Writers. For Writers.

Why Choose Us?

“By Writers. For Writers” is our mission statement. Simply put, we’ve sat where you sit. At MidTown Publishing, we transcend the standard “publisher/writer relationship” offered at other publishing houses because we’ve customized our approach to publishing from “one-size-fits-all” to what we call “personalized publishing.”

At MidTown Publishing, personalized publishing is serious business. We want you to earn the reward you deserve for all those hours at your writer’s desk. First, we look at your metadata (your storyline, synopsis, targeted reader, your marketing plans, etc) that you supplied to us with your Query Letter Template. From this information, we’ll talk with you about promotional channels we believe will offer your new title the greatest sales potential.

Once upon a time, publishers peddled a new author’s work with book signings, followed by interviews with local newspapers and TV. Nowadays, if you’re lucky, a book signing might generate enough cash to fill half your gas tank. These are still hallowed PR steps, and we don’t suggest you ignore them; however, MidTown Publishing suggests getting sales traction by working networks of all types, whether social media groups online such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Linkedin, or through like-minded trade groups and associations that connect with certain audiences. Y

One platform we use to attract new readers is AuthorWebChat™. It’s our video-based online service where author interviews are produced.  The interviews will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel and made available for your personal website. You can also insert a link to your video on your MidTown Author Profile Page, your Facebook page, as well as sharing on other social networking sites.

Other key elements in building sales volume are any social circles you cultivated while developing your story. For example, research contacts, historical societies, and even professional associations can all be folded into your promotional check-off list. Niche markets are now the value channels in publishing.