Book Trailers

Midtown Publishing’s Professionally Produced Book Trailers

The book trailer is a powerful marketing tool.  A new title can rise above competitors thanks to the force behind a 60-second video.  Movie trailers have tantalized the public for decades. Now book trailers have re-purposed this one-minute production to the literary audience.  While the job of the video is to profile an author’s new title into the marketplace, it must entertain the viewer as well. Hence, we work closely with our design team crafting a video teaser about your story.  Then we position the trailer at strategic points of visibility, such as AuthorWebChat, social networking, ad campaigns, with book clubs, and in press kits.

Remember, this is digital publishing. So make your book trailer part of the signature block in your own e-mail correspondence. Every time you send a note from your computer you offer the recipient a look at your trailer. In all likelihood, you’ve received a noteworthy video on your computer screen and flipped it to friend. Consider that friend flipping your book trailer to others, and they to their friends. Now you’ve got the idea!

Professionally produced book trailers are an optional feature of our publishing package.

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