e-Earnings Program

MidTown Publishing’s e-Earnings Program (“EEP”) allows you to earn credits toward optional publishing services, including printed books, advanced editing*, IBPA Marketing Programs**, APSS Marketing Programs**, and book trailers***.  The EEP Credits are earned through your participation in the e-Earnings Program.  Once enrolled, the royalties you earn on the sale of your e-books are retained by us as a credit toward optional publishing services.

* For more information on our advanced editing, visit Our Services, and click on Advanced Editing.

**For more information on the IBPA [Independent Book Publishers Association]  and APSS [Association of Publishers for Special Sales] marketing programs, click on the “Marketing Services” icon in your Authorlog™ Account.

***For more information on book trailers, please see Book Trailers.

Trade Paperbacks

You may qualify for twenty (20) trade paperback books without charge, if:

  1. We waive the printing cost1; or
  2. We agree to advance the printing cost based on your agreement to participate in the EEP until we are reimbursed for our expenses; or
  3. You elect to allocate your e-book royalties toward the purchase of trade paperback books.

How It Works

You earn credits toward trade paperback books (or other optional services2) based on the royalties you earn from your e-book sales.3 To participate in the EEP, you must notify us in your Authorlog™ Account and agree to the allocation of your e-book royalties (“EEP Allocated Proceeds”) to enroll. Once enrolled, when your EEP Proceeds from the sale of your e-books have accumulated the requisite credits, you are entitled to a print run of ten (10) trade paperback copies of your book without charge.

1A full or partial waiver by MidTown Publishing to advance the costs associated with a printed trade paperback is based upon a number of factors that are taken into consideration by our staff, including, but not limited to, the level of writing, the power of the storyline, your prior publications, prior sales, likelihood of sales, and other factors in the marketplace.

2You may utilize EEP Allocated Proceeds toward the costs of other optional programs offered by us, including advanced editing, IBPA Marketing Programs, APSS Marketing Programs, book trailers, and such other optional programs as are offered from time to time.

3After enrolling in MidTown Publishing’s e-Earnings Program, you may elect at any time to purchase a minimum of ten (10) trade paperbacks, with a credit for  your earned royalties from each e-book sold (with PayPal payment for the balance due, if any, or for additional books). Except when you have agreed to remain in the e-Earnings Program as a condition of our advance of printing costs until we are reimbursed in full, you may cancel your participation in the EEP at any time by notifying MidTown Publishing via your Authorlog™ Account. In the event you cancel your participation in the EEP, we will retain the EEP Allocated Proceeds earned from your e-book royalties as a credit toward trade paperback books, or other optional Publishing Services of your choosing. The credits you earn through participation in the EEP must be utilized no later than one-year next following your enrollment in the program.

For more information about our e-Earnings Program, please view Publishing Agreement.